Rush Card Holder Agreement

Subject to the limits set out in point b) above, the amount deducted from your money is converted by the network or card association that processes the transaction into an amount in the currency or country where your card was issued (“foreign transaction”) into an amount denominated in the currency of your card if you receive your money (or if you make a purchase), in a currency or country other than the currency or country in which your card was issued (“Foreign Transaction”). The rate they have chosen is either: (i) chosen from the range of wholesale rates available on the foreign exchange markets (which may differ from the rate received by the association itself) or (ii) the rate imposed by the government applicable on the applicable central processing date. The conversion rate chosen by the network is independent of a fee that we collect as compensation for our services. You will be charged for foreign transactions in U.S. dollars, as shown in long form. If the overseas transaction results in a credit based on a return, we may not refund any fees that can be charged for your initial purchase. The mobile app allows you to view information about your card account, for example.B. card credit and transaction history. The Mobile app also describes different ways to top up your card account, including using a Green Dot MoneyPak.

The card credit displayed by the mobile app may differ from your records, as it may not contain transactions in process, awaiting authorization, or other items. If you believe that your card account information is defective, you should contact us by phone or in writing as soon as possible. Instructions on what to do and how to contact us in case of errors or questions about your card transactions can be found in your cardholder agreement (also available on the De RushCard website). It is important that you access your card information from time to time to ensure that no unauthorized transactions have taken place in your card account. For more information about the transaction history, you must access your online card account information on the RushCard Website. Card Account Loading: You can add money called “loading” to your card by loading: (i) Automated Clearing House (“ACH”) (z.B. direct deposit; (ii) Loading cash via one of our charging locations (a list is available under; (iii) cash a legitimate cheque and transfer that money to your card through a third party for mobile cheque loads, subject to such conditions as such third party may from time to time; and (iv) receive funds from another card through our card-to-card transfer service which allows cardholders to authorize the transfer of funds from their card accounts to other card accounts by providing instructions via the card program website. . .