Financial Aid Agreement Form

After a Gettysburg College student enrolled in an affiliated university, he became a student of that institution. An application for financial assistance must be made through the affiliated university. A student who qualifies for financial assistance at Gettysburg College will not be guaranteed similar financial assistance to the affiliated institution. All financial aid, with the exception of federal funding for study work, is paid directly into the student`s account at the student accounting office. Funds are paid one semester after the end of the add/drop period. If you receive federal, regional or private funding, we have no control over these schedules. However, once these funds are received, we will deposit them into the student`s account as quickly as possible. If you have an agreement, you can claim a refund of the surplus after receiving the money by contacting the student accounting office. 2021-2022 Request for Waiver of Unreserved Parental Information The federal government is asking higher education institutions and universities to verify the accuracy of some of their assistance applicants. Schools should check the number of income-related items (parent and students), the size of the family, and the number of family members at the university.

Information provided through FAFSA is compared to tax returns, W-2 forms and the Gettysburg College Verification worksheet. We expect families to submit the requested documents on time. Discrepancies in the reported information could lead to a revision of the student`s price. 2020-2021 Parents Plus Loans Plus Special Circumstances Form Forms Parents Plus Loans Special Circumstances for students whose parents are unable to apply for loans for the Federal Direct Parent Plus. Unauthorized parents may respond to one of the following circumstances: Parents are non-U.S. citizens or permanent residents, have credit bankruptcy and court decision prevents new debts, and/or parents only the form of assistance is an income supplement, such as SSI, disability, etc. For off-campus programs (both domestically and abroad), financial assistance is available for up to two semesters for programs close to universities, which have been approved by the Standing Academic Committee on Credit. In such cases, financial assistance is provided by college, federal and regional programs in the same way as for campus students. International students can receive financial assistance on a case-by-case basis for off-campus study programs. Contact the Center for Global Education. Students who choose to study off-campus are not eligible for institutional assistance. However, approval of the granting of appropriations by the Standing Academic Committee and the conclusion of a consortium/contract agreement may continue to benefit from government and federal financial assistance programs.

In such cases, all financial assistance transactions continue to be carried out through the Gettysburg College Office of Financial Aid. Family contribution claim If a student`s or family`s financial situation changes due to special circumstances after the FAFSA is filed, a student can apply for a family appeal.