Condition Record For Rebate Agreement

Note: If it is a discount to customers, proof of the payer`s condition is required. Discount agreements are established to offer special discounts to customers. The main feature of this type of discount is that it is paid retroactively. The amount of the discount offered by discount agreements is determined on the basis of the customer`s sales volume over a specified period. Discount agreements to SAP are set out in the VBO1 transaction. You define the customer who receives the discount, the criteria on which the discount is based and the validity of the discount. Create new discount agreements in the VB01 transaction The Z003 access sequence is defined to determine the current packaging rate to obtain a price for the calculation of discounts Path: SPRO—>Sales and distribution—>Defining toBate—> packaging technique for the processing of discounts. In a standard system, four types of discounts are available. You are: Note: the type of proof of sale `R3` is the same as `CR`, except for the corresponding fact type `B3` (discount coin count).

A discount is an agreement between the company and the customer, valid for a specified period. The discount agreement sets the percentage of the discount offered to the customer during the period indicated. The system calculates the discount provisions for each applicable invoice and reserves them on the corresponding invoices and updates them in the corresponding discount contract. At the end of the period of validity of the discount contract, the company reimburses the amount of the discount to the customer. Hierarchical discount: it allows packaging rates for a node/material in the customer hierarchy or only according to the hierarchy. Provisions: If we check this field, the “Cancelled provisions” field will be automatically displayed in the discount agreement with the discount amount paid to the customer. It is always a proven method to check this field. It is possible to see an overview of packaging rates that are already present in other discount agreements and that have the same key combination (customer/material, customer/discount group, etc.). How can the delivery material be delayed? Whenever we create an agreement, we have to enter it manually, one after the other, by condition record. Finally, activate the discount for the customer/discount taker in the customer distribution area data – received in fact If the partial settlement of a discount contract is made, all partial payments are taken into account. The amount of payments can be unlimited when adjusting to the cumulative provisions of the set of conditions, to the amount that would be paid if the final settlement were currently made.

There are three conditions for activating or activating the discount that are found at these levels: Note: If we store the discount, the system generates a no. for this Agreement. We will maintain a “no” for this. Space for the discount agreement. Go ahead; Select the registration and go to “Details” where we type “Material for billing”. They face a similar screen to retaining the state data set, as in the case of the VK11 transaction. Mainatain the registration of the condition as you wish. Before registering, the system requests billing material….