Billing Agency Agreement

Some people call a contract as a service contract. Here is an example of a medical BILLing contract in PDF format. This service agreement is an addition to the original agreement between the parties and cannot be amended unless it is signed in writing by both parties or on behalf of both parties. Do you want to spend less time on billing? Billing contracts are written agreements between you and your billing service provider to ensure that the terms of the employment relationship are understood by all. Create a free billing contract in minutes with our simple question-and-answer process. We will guide you step by step through it. Answer Yes or No; If Yes Answer 19aINDICS: The billing agent agreement must be signed if you use an external billing agent to file your claims20. In accordance with the billing agreement between OM BRIDGE PTY LTD and SPINELBRIDGE SERVICES LTD, SPINELBRIDGE SERVICES LTD, a company whose main address is located at Andrea Zappa -Makedonon, 4 HONEY COURT BUILDING, 4040, Limassol, Cyprus, is a billing agent that provides payment services to OM BRIDGE PTY LTD. A contract is very important for a medical billing company to define the roles and responsibilities of both parties, as well as to define services, prices, conditions, etc. It should also clearly describe the responsibilities of the client and the medical billing service.

Below is the same example of a medical billing contract if you want to cut out and insert your own word processor. I know it`s a little difficult to copy from a PDF document. CONSIDERING that the client wishes to retain ACME to provide claims settlement and claims services, with ACME filing insurance rights with public and commercial companies in electronic and paper law on behalf of the client; The customer pays Acme – % of the total amount (gross) collected by ALL insurance companies and ALL patients as a result of Acme`s billing benefits for the customer, with a monthly minimum of $500. The client undertakes to provide Acme with copies of all performance statements (EBOs) received from the beneficiaries of the thought, as well as statements of payments received directly by patients (weekly). ACME must transfer payments received from insurance payers into the patient`s file, file all secondary or tertiary claims and, if necessary, charge the patient directly to ensure the client`s full payment.