Agreement To Pay Attorney Fees

Assuming a 66% surhead for salaries, rents, insurance, phones, etc., the attorney has a net income of $US 20,000 for an income of $US 60,000. Subtract federal and state income taxes [38% federal income 11% California] and the attorney has a net after-tax income of $10,200 to give a loan or pre-allocation to the client. The lawyer`s cash flow after paying the expert`s bill is 200 $US. Some healthcare providers, HMOs or insurers require the customer to sign a pledge or reimbursement agreement that may grant Lienor rights more than legal rights. Never sign legal documents that give someone a pledge unless your lawyers have previously authorized the pledge. Ask your potential lawyer if they are negotiating separately a reduction in medical instructions on your benefits. Many lawyers offer this service at no additional cost.